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Wild Wadi ersetzt Jumeirah Sceirah

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  • Für eine der bekanntesten Rutschen der Welt (bekannt durch viele TV Reportagen und Rutschenvergleiche) hat das letzte Stündlein geschlagen, denn der Wasserpark in Dubai (Wild Wadi Water Park) hat sich dazu entschlossen seine Hauptattraktion nach 12 Jahren Betriebszeit zu schließen und durch etwas spektakuläreres zu ersetzen

    Mal sehen was da kommen wird...

    Eröffnung für die neue Attraktion soll jedenfalls schon diesen Sommer sein

    Hier mal ein kompletter Artikel dazu:

    After 12 years of terrifying people brave enough to hurl themselves down its 33-metre-long slide, the Jumeirah Sceirah at Dubai's Wild Wadi Water Park has finally run dry. The park has closed its doors so workers can begin taking down the famous slide, along with the rest of the structure. When the tourist attraction reopens on February 1, only the slide's tower will be left.

    The Jumeirah Sceirah may have had the wow factor for more than a decade, but today's thrill-seekers are looking for something more breathtaking, according to Chris Perry, the park's general manager, who revealed the decision to take down the popular ride was based on comments from visitors calling for more "high-throw attractions". "People want the type of rides that take your breath away and really get the adrenaline going," he said. "Rides you don't see at your typical water park." Mr Perry said visitors can now look forward to a bigger and better ride, which is expected to be ready for operation by the end of the summer. "This slide has done us very well over the years, but the way technology has developed there are just so many other new things out there."

    The attraction that will replace the Jumeirah Sceirah, the tallest slide outside North America up until three days ago, will be "just as exciting and thrilling", according to Mr Perry, although details are not ready to be revealed just yet. "It's being tendered right now, we're just finalising things for the demolition package and the main contractor and designer."

    Hayden Holmes, the water park's manager, said the demolition marks the "end of an era". "It's a very sad state of affairs for us. The tower and the slide has become as much a part of the Dubai landscape as any of the buildings around it," said Mr Holmes, who has worked at Wild Wadi since it opened in 1999.

    The decision to remove the slide may have come as a surprise to fans of Wild Wadi but bosses said plans had been pending for a while, although they were not officially approved until after the park closed for maintenance on January 11.

    Mr Perry said the management, Jumeirah Hotel Group, decided to take advantage of the closure to make things "more convenient for guests". "We would have liked to have told people about the plans to take it down in advance so that they could have come in for a last ride before we started demolishing, but it all happened very quickly," he said.

    The Jumeirah Sceirah, which hurtled visitors down an almost vertical water slide at speeds of up to 80kph, has seen 30 seasons of use since the park opened in August 1999.

    Rumours about someone falling from the slide began circulating this week after the park closed, but Mr Perry said these were false, sparked by a campaign on Wild Wadi's Facebook page. The park's employees had uploaded photos of the team dressed all in black, looking sad with their heads hanging over the edge of the slide, mourning its departure. "We were putting on a kind of parody about the death of the Jumeirah Sceirah, but then we suddenly had tonnes of comments and people started thinking someone had died," said Mr Perry. "We posted a comment saying it was only a teaser of more to come and that we'd never had a death inside the park".

    This was not the only rumour circulating about the park recently. Last week Wild Wadi became caught up in an international online "design" scam. Mr Perry revealed he was contacted by Steven Harris, a Yale University architecture professor, enquiring about a design competition he had found online to create a new waterslide for Wild Wadi. Prof Harris wanted to bring his students to Dubai to take part in the competition. "Someone set up a design competition without our knowledge. We had no idea about it until Yale approached us for more information," said Mr Perry. The phony competition asked for a US$50 (Dh183) fee to enter and promised the winning team US$10,000 and the chance to design a new slide at the park. Mr Perry said he tried to contact the person who advertised the competition but without any luck. "He didn't respond, so it looks like a scam. It's amazing what some people will do to make money." The website was removed a few days later.

    This is the second time the park has undergone changes to its rides in recent months. Last year two new attractions - the Tamtrum Alley and the Burj Surj - were added, bringing the number of rides to 30.
    Quelle via Quelle

  • Wird auch mal Zeit, man hat ja immer mehr gehört dass sie schlecht verarbeitet war und nur noch weh tat.

    Ich bin gespannt was sie bauen !


    • Hier mal das Abschiedsvideo vom Youtubekanal des Wasserparks:

      Goodbye Jumeirah Sceirah - YouTube

      Der Ersatz ist wohl auch schon unterwegs:

      Dear guests,

      We are now beginning to step into warmer weather, which translates to our busier season, and we have a lot going on (as always)!

      We completed all of the projects during our shutdown period (Jan. 11 – 31, 2012), and are already moving on a host of others, and we have a lot in store for you.

      During the shutdown, we removed our speed slide, Jumeirah Sceirah, and currently we are in the process of replacing Jumeirah Sceirah with another exciting attraction. We expect to have the new attraction open by the end of summer (before September 2012). You can view our farewell ceremony to Jumeirah Sceirah by clicking on this link or by searching youtube at Jumeirah Sceirah Farewell. Along with Jumeirah Sceirah, we are also in the process of providing a face lift for Julshan’s Kitchen and replacing all of the external themeing and adding 3 levels to Julshan’s Kitchen. This will provide much needed additional seating, great views of Burj al Arab and the rest of Wild Wadi and a more direct way to access Jumeirah Sceirah. This will open along with Jumeirah Sceirah.

      In the last 2 months we have opened a brand new pizza outlet, Leila’s Stand. Leila’s Stand has its own new deck next to Riptide Flowrider. It features a Beech Oven and produces world class, quality stone oven pizzas. A must try when visiting!

      We are also in the process of upgrading another food and beverage outlet to cope with demand, Ali’s BBQ. We have made this more visible to everyone and have improved the conditions that our employees work in. We trust this will translate to an outstanding experience for you.


      • Am 4. September wird die neue Rutsche eröffnen!

        Wild Wadi to launch new waterslide

        New and improved Jumeirah Sceirah waterslide will be launched on September 4.

        Dubai: Adding to its 30 rides, Dubai’s Wild Wadi Waterpark will unveil a new Jumeirah Sceirah water slide on September 4, promising thrill-seekers a new and daring ride. The water slide has two tandem slides. Thrill-seekers will make their way up to a height of 32 metres where they will stand on a trapdoor. They will then be released rapidly descending down the 120 metre slide through a tunnel at a speed of over 80km/h.
        A breathtaking 360 degree view of the Arabian Gulf and the entire city is visible at the top of the slide.

        Ich bin mal auf die ersten Bilder gespannt!



        • Und da ist es schon!

          Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht

Name: WEBna28au-waterslide.jpg
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ID: 484972

          Es werden also 2 Falltürrutschen (30m hoch)

          Wild Wadi's new Jumeirah Sceirah to live up to its billing

          DUBAI // At around six storeys, the new adrenalin rush at Wild Wadi waterpark does what it is designed to do - push the most daring of thrill-seekers to the limit.

          Dubai already offers skydiving, bunjee jumping and indoor ski slopes, and the new 120-metre water slide at Wild Wadi is helping the park keep up with the competition.The revamped Jumeirah Sceirah starts at 32 metres above ground and is now a tandem slide.
          The attraction puts a park-goer atop the slide with a great view of the landmark Burj Al Arab hotel and Dubai's skyline.
          Once the trapdoor opens, the view disappears and the rider drops down the chute, reaching speeds of up to 80kph.
          Slated to reopen on September 4, the original Sceirah slide was dismantled in January.
          It comes in addition to the 30 existing rides at Wild Wadi, 13 of which are inter-connected. This allows riders to experience one after another without leaving the water.
          The park recently launched Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj.
          The waterpark is designed around a tale from Arabian folklore featuring Juha and his seafaring friend, Sinbad.


          • Die neuen Rutschen stehen:

            Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht

Name: 199697_439562576082670_800893961_n.jpg
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ID: 487175Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht

Name: newjumeirahsceirah.jpg
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ID: 487176Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht

Name: wildwadi0.jpg
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ID: 487177

            The New Jumeirah Sceirah - YouTube


            • Bilder von der Presseeröffnung gibt es --->Hier<---

              Hier noch ein Video:

              The New Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi - YouTube


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