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  1. KingRCT3

    2023 Neuheit: Gozimba (neue Achterbahn, Air Loop, RES Rides) @ Serengeti Park

    Thanks for posting them here. Those tracks are MASSIVE and heavily looks like Intamin. Might I add this picture of the area where the attraction will stand. You can see the park's old Huss Condor, and absolutely nothing else done. :unsure:
  2. KingRCT3

    Konzepte / Patente für Achterbahnen und Flatrides

    Yes it's kind of a Free-Fly but above/under he rails instead of on the sides. Funily enough I made a concept last year (using the Reverchon car) for a "Arrowbatic 2.0" that was basically the same concept. I was imagining it as an S&S:
  3. KingRCT3

    2020 Neuheit: Star Fantasy Port (neuer Indoorpark) @ Xuzhou - China

    I found a patent that shows the layout of this indoor coaster:
  4. KingRCT3

    2019 Neuheit: Sky Drop (103 m Gyro-Drop-Tower, Funtime) @ E-World - Südkorea

    And the Fête des Tuileries at Paris, being close to buildings also feature those on the Fabbri Booster: (Quelle)
  5. KingRCT3

    Sammelthread: Flying Theatres als alleinstehende Touristenattraktionen

    I just wanted to add that while WDI invented the Flying Theater with Soarin' in 2001, I found a patent that describes a eerily similar attraction concept back in... 1916! Have a read: -- Also we can add DOF Robotics to the list of Flying Theater providers, with the novelty of being able to...
  6. KingRCT3

    2020 Neuheit: Mittelalterbereich (u.a. Zadra - Hybrid Coaster, RMC) @ Energylandia

    To put things into perspective: - The actual park is approximately 16 hectares, in green in the picture ; - The extension is about 73 hectares... Kartenmaterial: Google Maps :eek: What is the timeline for this?
  7. KingRCT3

    2019 Neuheit: Menhir (Dynamic Seat Theater, CL Corporation) @ Parc Astérix

    This is a Dynamic Seat Theater from CL Corporation, as it has been unveiled in a french TV show. (Screenshot DimensionParcs) So basically a 4D theater. I don't know where they found the 5th D, ha.
  8. KingRCT3

    2018 Neuheit: Pioneer (Familienachterbahn, Zierer) @ OK Corral - Frankreich

    The news is out! It's not a spinning, but a mix between a motocoaster (2/3 first cars) and a sit-down coaster (2/3 last cars), themed with horses and stagecoaches! Quelle: Carrefour via CoastersWorld I think it's really neat, and I like to see more and more custom design such as this.
  9. KingRCT3

    2018 Neuheit: Yukon Quad (Family Launch Coaster, Intamin) @ Le Pal - Frankreich

    ^ I just noticed Intamin raised the backrest compared to Juvelen. Ameworld.net visited the park yesterday, and came back with a few pictures. The integration will be really neat! Quelle with more pictures
  10. KingRCT3

    2018 Neuheit: Erweiterung / Umbau des Jardin d'Acclimatation (Paris) - Frankreich

    The layout is now complete, so I went there and took some pictures (since others were put online, I'd figure that's ok). That's a weird first-drop, ha! I updated my NoLimits recreation, it's now maybe 90% correct. Some parts are still impossible to see within the park.
  11. KingRCT3

    2018 Neuheit: Erweiterung / Umbau des Jardin d'Acclimatation (Paris) - Frankreich

    Using a top-down view of the layout (it has been laid off to the press), I've been told it was okay to post my NoLimits recreation. Notes: - The drawing was lacking a scale. I had to guess it using the track gauge. Might be off, mine appears a tad larger than the real one. - Althought, the...
  12. KingRCT3

    2018 Neuheit: Erweiterung / Umbau des Jardin d'Acclimatation (Paris) - Frankreich

    I went to the Jardin d'Acclimatation today to check the progress. Apparently they do not want anyone to take pictures, so I'll refrain to share any. ... any except this one, because oh my you can't imagine how hyped I am to see this truck almost in my backyard! (Jardin is less than 10km away...
  13. KingRCT3

    2018 Neuheit: Warner Brothers Theme Park (neuer Park) @ Abu Dhabi - VAE

    I just remembered this picture that would confirm the invert is from Intamin: (Quelle) Notice how the wheel-cover matches the concept-art.
  14. KingRCT3

    Beschleunigungsmessung auf Achterbahnen

    Taron g-Kraft! Compared to the TÜV measurements: Quelle
  15. KingRCT3

    2017 Neuheit: Golden Driller (Freefall, Intamin) @ Fraispertuis City - Frankreich

    And it was one of the four gondolas indeed! Two are currently at the park, and the other two will arrive soon enough. Quelle Remember, there will be four different positions available: - Sit-down w/ lap-bar (the one pictured above) - Sit down tilt w/lap-bar - Floorless stand-up tilt w/...
  16. KingRCT3

    2017 Neuheit: Sky Dragster (Motorbike Coaster mit Launch, Weltneuheit) @ Skyline Park

    The other day I found this patent that is suspiciously both under the name of Maurer AG and Beutler Transport Systeme... Remember, those two are working together on Skyline's motocoaster. Maurer Patent Beutler Patent There is also this patent that gives more infos on the monorail-style track I...
  17. KingRCT3

    2023 Neuheit: MISSION Ferrari - The Ride (SFX Coaster) @ Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

    Browsing the web, I found pictures of the SFX's tilt piece... and OH MY, this is huge! :eek: For the reminder, it's the white piece in the background, far right: And here it is for real... Factory mockup I guess. (Picture from DynamicAttractions.com) See it in motion at 1:07 into this...
  18. KingRCT3

    2015 Neuheit: Der Schwur des Kärnan (Hypercoaster, Gerstlauer) @ Hansa-Park

    Hi everyone, first post here on Coasterfirends.de (Please excuse me for not speaking german, but it's either english or Google translation garbage... :(). Thanks for sharing my video Marvin99, but that's not why I'm here. OCEM just released two exclusive 3D pictures of Karnan's layout! I cannot...