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2022 Neuheit: Fantawild Oriental Heritage Park (neuer Park) @ Yingtan - China

Mario M.

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Ende Juli wurde ein weiterer Park der Fantawildgruppe angekündigt. Dieser wird Teil des "Chinese Historical and Cultural Heritage Resort" in der chinesischen Stadt "Yingtan" (Provinz Jiangxi). Beim Park selbst handelt es sich um einen "Oriental Heritage Park". Wie der Name schon sagt, widmet sich dieser der chinesischen Kultur.

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Artwork einer Attraktion:

Bild der Ankündigungszeremonie vor Ort:

Yingtan Fantawild Park Began Construction

On July 29th, a ceremony to mark the beginning of construction of “Chinese Historical and Cultural Heritage Resort” took place in the city of Yingtan, Jiangxi province. Senior officials from city and provincial levels, representatives from Fantawild, and members of the press attended the ceremony.

According to plans, investment for the resort will exceed 3 billion RMB. The resort features a large-scale theme park called Fantawild Oriental Heritage, which is also part of Fantawild’s “Beautiful China Trilogy” project. The new park will present five thousand years of Chinese history and local culture to visitors. It will use advanced technology to build unique interactive attractions, giving visitors immersive experience. The new park is family friendly. It will present well-known myths, legends, historical stories and notable people through a large array of indoor and outdoor attractions, presenting both Chinese and local culture in a creative way.

Dozens of attractions are being planned for the park, catering to the different needs of visitors. The park will be not only suitable for families, but also for thrill-seeking young people. The park has many different attractions. Marvels of Chinese Culture presents the charm of Chinese culture throughout five thousand years; Let’s Fly is a flight simulation which takes visitors to picturesque locations in China; The Legend of Nüwa transports visitors back to the ancient world to help the goddess Nüwa fight enemies and mend the broken sky; Enter Taoism is a stage performance based on a local Taoist architectural complex; Lady Meng Jiang presents a classic love story and folk tale; Bridge to Love takes visitors into the starry sky to witness the love story of a cowherd and a fairy; Forest Times is an indoor rafting ride based on Fantawild’s successful movie Fantastica; Boonie Bears Theater takes visitors to the forest to meet the adorable characters from the popular animated show Boonie Bears.

The new park is expected to welcome more than 3 million visitors per year. It will complement local tourist sites such as Longhu Mountain and Celestial Master's Residence to enrich the entertainment and tourism industry.

Das Eröffnungsjahr im Threadtitel ist nur abgeschätzt, sollten da genauere Daten veröffentlicht werden, werde ich das Jahr anpassen :)