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2025/26 Neuheit: Studios Occitanie Méditerranée (neuer Filmpark) @ Béziers - Frankreich

Mario M.

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Im Süden Frankreichs soll mit den "Studios Occitanie Méditerranée" ein neuer Filmpark/Themenpark entstehen. In zwei kürzlich veröffentlichten Pressemitteilungen haben die Firmen Ubisoft (Spieleentwickler) und das Legendary Filmstudio (Interstellar, Dune, Pacific Rim...) bekanntgegeben, das sie Teil des Projektes/der Planungen sind.

Erste Pläne zum Projekt:


Meldung zur Beteiligung von Ubisoft:

Ubisoft and Storyland Studios announced the development of the world’s first Ubisoft Entertainment Center at Studios Occitanie Méditerranée. This multi-brand themed entertainment experience is the first in a series of centers that will immerse fans and newcomers alike in fully interactive worlds based on Ubisoft’s popular game franchises.

“Studios Occitanie is excited to become the first location for Ubisoft’s groundbreaking Entertainment Center concept,” said Bruno Granja, founder of Studios Occitanie. “Gaming has grown to become the biggest form of entertainment. It makes sense that we partner with France’s leading game publisher to create a new kind of immersive experience that celebrates gaming culture.”

Studios Occitanie Méditerranée is a world-class business and entertainment hub dedicated to the global media industry and their fans. Strategically located on France’s Mediterranean coast and a 40-minute drive from the city of Montpellier, the 88-hectare mixed development will include a professional film studio, multiple entertainment offerings as well as retail, dining, and hospitality. Studio Occitanie is slated to open to the public in 2025.

“Ubisoft is thrilled to partner with Studios Occitanie, an ambitious new entertainment development that aims to bring the magic of storytelling to life in France,” said Mathilde Bresson, Location Based Entertainment Manager, Ubisoft. “We couldn’t think of a better place to establish our first location than in the region of Montpellier, home of the Ubisoft studio that created our iconic characters Rayman and Rabbids.”

The unique entertainment concept will be designed by Storyland Studios and powered by Alterface’s cutting-edge gamification technology, “Wander.”

“We’re proud to be designing a truly next-generation concept that will allow those who grew up in the digital media age to experience Ubisoft’s diverse worlds through three-dimensional immersive storytelling,” said Ben Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Clients at Storyland Studios.

“Thanks to the Wander technology, we’re creating unlimited opportunities for guests who want to engage with our experience on a deeper level, to do so in an interactive, personalized and ever-evolving way,” said Etienne Sainton, Product Manager at Alterface.

Es soll einen Indoor Entertainment Komplex von Ubisoft geben :)

Meldung zur Beteiligung von Legendary:

Legendary Entertainment has formed a new partnership with Studios Occitanie to bring its IP to a dedicated family entertainment center in the forthcoming Studios Occitanie Méditerranée theme park in the South of France, slated to open to the public in 2025. Located in Béziers, Studios Occitanie Méditerranée is a world-class business and entertainment hub dedicated to the global media industry and its fans. Located on France's Mediterranean coast and a 40-minute drive from the city of
Montpellier, the 217-acre mixed development will include a professional film studio, multiple entertainment offerings as well as retail, dining and hospitality. Legendary - the studio behind such franchises as "Dune," "Pacific Rim," and the Monsterverse featuring Godzilla and Kong - will further the fan experience by creating a dedicated space that allows visitors to connect with their favorite films and television series through interactive attractions, bringing the Hollywood cinematic experience to a global audience.

"Legendary has a rich library of marquee titles and a commitment to quality genre and compelling storytelling that is perfect for exceptional location-based experiences," says James Ngo, executive vice president, franchise management, Legendary Entertainment. "The fans of our projects and franchises are paramount to what we do, and we are thrilled to partner with Studios Occitanie for the opportunity to offer another unforgettable way to transport audiences into our expansive worlds and stories."

"We are proud to be the first Legendary location-based experience in the world that will feature attractions based on multiple titles from the renowned entertainment company," says Bruno Granja, Studios Occitanie Méditerranée. "The great quality of the IP and the philosophy of Legendary's licensing team to develop this concept comforts us in the future success of the complex. A lot of
fans will discover a new way to have fun and experience their favorite Hollywood movies and TV series."

The partnership with Studios Occitanie is the first of its kind for Legendary within the global experiential space, where multiple IPs will live under one umbrella. Bringing a collection of Legendary's IP together opens new frontiers for the global entertainment company to further build upon its brand.

Mit dem Bau soll 2023 begonnen werden, mit einer Eröffnung ist dann 2025/26 zu rechnen. Insgesamt sollen wohl um die 300 Mio. € investiert werden.

Meldungen zu dem Park gibt es schon seit 2-3 Jahren, ich habe aber immer gewartet, bis ein paar konkretere Infos dazu veröffentlicht werden. Mal sehen ob das Projekt wirklich umgesetzt wird und in welchem Umfang, man sieht ja am Paramount Projekt in London wie zäh so Planungen sein können und das viele dieser Projekte nie umgesetzt werden.

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Mal sehen, ob daraus etwas wird. Ein paar tolle Lizenzen hätte man ja an Bord!


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Sehr interessant! Da bin ich ja mal sehr gespannt welche von Ubisofts "popular game franchises" sie da genau einbeziehen wollen. Wenn das gut umgesetzt wird, gibt es da ja zahlreiche Möglichkeiten für wirklich tolle Thematisierung etc.
Bin gespannt, ob da tatsächlich was passiert.