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20XX Neuheit: Boonie Bears Town (neuer Fantawildpark) @ Yichun - China

Mario M.

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Fantawild setzt auch bei seiner neuen Marke "Boonie Bear" auf Expansion und hat nach den Parks in Ningbo & Shaoxing nun einen weiteren Park in der chinesischen Stadt "Yichun" (eine Stadt in der Provinz "Jiangxi") angekündigt.

fantawild.com schrieb:
Fantawild Signs for A New Park in Yichun

A famous Chinese poem says,“Although Yichun is faraway, the scenery there is superb”. On February 25,Fantawild signed an agreement with the government of Yichun, a city in Jiangxi province, for cooperation to build a new Boonie Bears themed park. Hu Jiangping, Vice Mayor of Yichun, and Liu Daoqiang, President of Fantawild Holdings Inc. represented both parties on the signing ceremony.


A theme park equipped with advanced technology will be built in the city. It will include a “Boonie Bears Land”with an area of about 253, 333 square meters and a themed water world with an area of about 7, 333 square meters. The park will recreate scenes from the popular show Boonie Bears, and have many interactive attractions. It will also have a commercial street and holiday hotel. This helps the city to upgrade its facility for visitors, enabling it to provide one-stop shop for catering,accommodation, touring, shopping, and entertainment.