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Sammelthread: SEVEN (Saudi Entertainment Venues) @ Saudi Arabien

Mario M.

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Dass die saudischen Machthaber große Pläne für ihr Land haben, sollte nach den Ankündigungen für Six Flags Saudi Arabia (Teil vom Gesamtprojekt "Qiddiya") mit u.a. der höchsten, längsten und schnellsten Achterbahn der Welt, kein Geheimnis mehr sein. Unter dem Firmennamen SEVEN (steht für Saudi Entertainment VENues) sollen jetzt diverse Mischprojekte im Land entstehen. Finanziell steht Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund hinter SEVEN. Somit sind auch die geldlichen Mittel vorhanden um viele Malls/Freizeitparks/FEC's zu bauen. Aktuell befinden sich wohl um die 20 Projekte in Planung, welche sich über das komplette Land Saudi Arabien verteilen.


Fun-lovers are in for unparalleled, exhilarating adventures at our monumental venues that will transport them to exotic wonderlands of excitement, where they can also enjoy unique shopping, dining, and recreational experiences. Inspired by our motto ‘Entertainment for All’, we are committed to making these experiences within everyone’s reach through building landmark venues, of areas ranging from 50,000 to 300,000 sqm, across various regions and cities Kingdom-wide.
We will make sure you have an enchanting experience visiting captivating lands where you will unwind and reconnect with yourself through new and exclusive rides and expeditions guaranteed to bring you lots of laughter and rejuvenating recreation. Our new family of homegrown brands, including three of the region’s largest indoor ski centers, water parks, and aquariums, will bring smiles to the whole family. Added to these will be a raft of fun and adventures for all from indoor golf, bowling, and adventures to ferris wheels, arcades, family rides, and climbing walls. Not forgetting premium edutainment and excitement from some of the world’s most loved brands.
We bring you riveting experiences that revive your zeal and appeal to your sense of adventure with alluring excursions at the heart of fantastical worlds covering five main categories where you will create your own legend and return with treasured pictures and stories to share.

Erste Artworks und Konzepte:

Packed with adrenaline-pumping rides and activities to excite thrill-seekers of all ages. Prepare yourself for an outdoor expedition to remember, as you venture through an uncharted wilderness.

Nature inspires this exuberant environment that blossoms with serene beauty. Experience vibrant greenery and stunning water features flowing from the beauty of a mountainous environment.

All the wonders of the wild roam free amidst lush greenery; the perfect habitat for families to explore. Encounter an array of wildlife that call the jungle home, amongst a dense, tropical landscape.

Fast-forward to an electrifying world of light and motion, where technology defies expectations. Discover the promise of tomorrow, as you travel through interstellar space and time.

Encounter the treasures of the ocean as you base yourself in an ornate seaside pier environment filled with nostalgia. A true maritime explorer’s dream that takes you under the waves to experience the living world below.

Der erste Entertainment Komplex entsteht in Riad an der Ecke Eastern Ring Road/King Abdullah Road.


Die Bauarbeiten haben bereits begonnen:

Da gibt es in Zukunft wohl viel zu berichten!

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Wer den EXPO 2020 Auftritt von Saudi Arabien verfolgt bzw vor Ort gewesen ist wird wissen das die Pläne ernst zu nehmen sind.
Die Saudis kurbeln den Tourismus massiv und fast aggressiv an und haben große Ideen und Visionen. Gefüttert wird das mit enormen Geldquellen, die die Emirate erblassen lassen. Ich denke das Land wird uns in Zukunft noch lange beschäftigen.