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2022 Neuheit: Suspended Coaster (Jinma Rides) @ afrikanischem Park

Mario M.

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Der chinesische Hersteller Jinma Rides (ehemals Golden Horse) hat auf Instagram und in seinem Blog geteilt, das sie gerade ein Projekt in Afrika realisieren. In welchem Land/Park steht leider nicht dabei.

Aufmerksam bin ich auf das Projekt bei Instagram geworden:
Jinma’s suspended roller coaster in North Africa will launch soon 🎢

#jinmarides #suspendedrollercoaster #themeparkrides #amusementrides

Beitrag aus dem Blog von Jinma:

Suspended Roller Coaster by Jinma Rides is under Installation

Currently, 16-seat Suspended Roller Coaster by Jinma Rides, is under installation in Egypt. This coaster is estimated to be open to the public by the end of 2022. The Suspended Roller Coaster XGC-16B will definitely thrill and entertain passengers by its giant body and advanced design, providing them an unparalleled playing experience!

The Suspended Roller Coaster XGC-16B is one of the thrilling coasters that has a footprint of 80mx39m. The themed train with a capacity of up to 16 passengers hangs beneath the track to provide passengers with a totally different experience from that of riding a sit-on-top coaster. 16 passengers secured on board are chain-lifted along the lift hill up to a 20 meter high launch pad, and from there riders are about to fully experience the overwhelming sensations that this ride journey will bring. So hold tight and get ready to scream for the rest of journey. Under gravity, the inverted coaster dips and dives, twists and rolls, inverses and spirals, performing all heart-pounding acts throughout the trajectory.

This thrilling coaster, able to entertain approximately 480 visitors per hour, can be a major attraction and a money maker for any park owners.

Weiter Baubilder der Bahn:

Bild & Video einer baugleichen Bahn: