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Neu 2012: Universal Wonderland @ Universal Studios Japan

Mario M.

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Der Themenpark in Osaka hat in einer Pressemitteilung bekanntgegeben, dass für nächsts Jahr ein großer Kinder- und Familienbereich gebaut wird. Das Universal-Wonderland wird 3 Hektar groß werden und wird in drei verschiedene Abschnitte eingeteilt, diese werden jeweils nach einem berühmten Cartoon Charakter thematisiert.

Snoopy ---> Snoopy Studios
Hallo Kitty ---> Hallo Kitty Fashion Avenue
Sesamstraße ---> Sesame Friendly Town (teilweise Indoor)

In den Bereichen werden Attraktionen für Familien und Kinder, sowie Restaurants und Geschäfte gebaut:)
Hier nochmal der Pressetext:

Universal Studios Japan will open a new area that scrupulously and authentically reproduces the world of Elmo, Snoopy, Hello Kitty and other popular Park characters.

In spring 2012, Universal Studios Japan will open a new area called "Universal Wonderland," where guests of all ages - from small children to adults - can have fun with their families. Based on the image of a town where popular characters live, the new area will be established on a spectacular scale as the final segment of the happy surprise-filled Park's 10th anniversary programs.

Universal Wonderland comprises three zones that feature Snoopy, Hello Kitty and Sesame Street™ characters, respectively. Its total area will be approx. 30,000 m2, which will be wider than the former "Land of Oz" area. There are a variety of elements such as a small children-friendly ride attraction in which even three-year-old children can have fun safely, a play area where children can enjoy playing with soft blocks by piling them up or carrying them around, as well as athletic facilities, a greeting area, shops and restaurants. Not only children but also adults will be satisfied with the Universal Wonderland in terms of its scale and quality. As soon as guests step into the area zone they will feel as if they were inhabitants of the fantastic world of characters in each.

About Universal Wonderland

*Snoopy Studios™
"Snoopy Studios" was established based on the concept of a movie studio where Snoopy as film director shoots films with guests. Another new ride-type attraction for small children will be added to this zone in addition to "Snoopy's Great Race™", a very popular attraction since the Park's Grand Opening.

*Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue
This zone will be established based on the concept that Hello Kitty, just returned from Hollywood, opens a fancy ribbon-themed boutique (ribbons are her favorite!). In this area reproducing the cute and fashionable world of Hello Kitty, a variety of ingenuities are seen everywhere to attract Hello Kitty fans from small girls to mature female guests.

*Sesame Friendly Town
This zone, the widest in "Universal Wonderland", comprises two spaces: an outdoor space and an indoor space where guests can have fun at ease without worrying about weather. There are ride attractions and play areas featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and other Sesame Street™ characters in this zone, as well as an area featuring Moppy, a new Sesame Street™ character you can meet only at the Park.
The new "Universal Wonderland" will be located mainly on the former "Land of Oz" area, as well as the space for the present "Snoopy Studios™". For this reason, "Snoopy Studios™" will be closed temporarily from early January 2012 due to construction work.

Der Bereich wird anlässlich des 10 jährigen Jubiläums des Parks gebaut:)