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20XX Neuheit: Monkey King Theme Park @ Jinan - China

Mario M.

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Ehemaliger Threadtitel: Neu 2014: Monkey Kingdom Theme Park @ Huairou China

Momentan gibt es aus China ja fast wöchentlich neue Großprojektet, so auch diese Woche, soweit ich das verstanden habe wird der Park von der selben Gruppe gebaut die auch das World Joyland betreibt. Der Park soll 1,5 Milliarden $ kosten und einmalig werden, dies bezieht sich wohl sehr auf das Thema und die Thematisierung, diese scheint nicht von schlechten Eltern zu werden. Jedenfalls ein sehr interessantes Großprojekt:)

Hier mal Artworks dazu:





Client: Zhonghong Real Estate

The highly immersive Monkey Kingdom theme park is slated to open in 2014. The park integrates modern theme park technology with traditional Chinese culture as it tells the stories of the Monkey’s Journey to the West. Thinkwell has been collaborating with Zhonghong on the strategy, concept, masterplan and attraction development for the park since mid 2010.

Zuletzt bearbeitet:

Mario M.

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Hier ein sehr interessantes Interview mit Craig Hanna (Chief Creative Officer of [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Thinkwell Group[/FONT]):

Craig Hanna: Beijing’s Monkey Kingdom theme park will be a world-class major destination and a unique offering in the theme park genre, possibly tied to a major motion picture

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Craig Hanna, Chief Creative Officer of [/FONT] Thinkwell Group[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif], [/FONT][FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]talks to InPark Magazine editor Judith Rubin [/FONT][FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]about designing the Monkey Kingdom theme park, set to open in 2014 near Beijing.

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Monkey King Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the real estate, financial and cultural industry investment enterprise Zhonghong Real Estate announced on May 28 that Thinkwell Group would design the park, which will form the first phase of a planned, major mixed-use complex and total investment of 10billion RMB ($1.53billion USD). [/FONT][/FONT] See the original press release here[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif].

Judith Rubin: How did Thinkwell secure the contract for this job?

Craig Hanna: We have been working with Chairman Wang for about one-and-a-half years, thru our representation in the region. Thinkwell started on the blue-sky phase of the project about a year ago.

JR: Is three years from now to opening a little bit of a fast track?

CH: Yes.

JR: The project is described as “highly immersive.” Can you elaborate?

CH: Unlike other visitor attraction projects in China that are by and large amusement parks with some level of theming, this one is based on a vision of a world-class theme park. It has pushed Thinkwell creatively, resulting in what I believe is one of the best designs we have ever done. The environments are extraordinarily rich and detailed, and the park will include a number of proprietary attractions that are very innovative and which I believe will be unique not only to China but to the world. I have to hand it to Chairman Wang for wanting to have that level of offer in China. And of course it will utilize media, technology and all the best theme park techniques in our repertoire.

JR: Please talk about the cross-cultural collaboration in the application of the Monkey King theme and the overall project.

CH: The Monkey King exists in a series of fables and stories with 100% penetration in China. The closest you could liken it to in the US is Santa Claus. Every man, woman and child in China, from the oldest to the youngest, knows what the Monkey King looks like, about his adventures and the ancillary characters. That is an incredible breadth and depth of storytelling to tap into.

The challenge to us as a Western firm is knowing how to tap into the zeitgeist of China – to know and fulfill their expectations in telling these stories. It’s not unlike the challenge Peter Jackson had with the Lord of the Rings movies: there was an existing impression in fans’ minds of what these characters looked like based on Tolkien’s original books, and he had to get it right. Jackson went to Lord of the Rings fans, and what he learned informed his filmmaking; Thinkwell brought in a world-renowned specialist on Monkey King, and that specialist’s insight and guidance inform the design of this project.

It’s not going to be 100% Monkey King: we are also including many elements of Chinese culture, architecture and history, and melding these elements to create a new, characteristic look and feel.

JR: Will Thinkwell also be overseeing the construction phase?

CH: Yes.

JR: Who are primary members of Thinkwell’s team for this project?

CH: Paul Redding as Project Director and Dave Cobb as Creative Director under my direction as Chief Creative Officer – with the rest of the team to be announced soon.

JR: What’s the next phase?

CH: We are rapidly deploying now to begin schematic design.

JR: The movie tie-in that was announced points to an intriguing trans-media business model.

CH: We are working with a major studio in Hollywood to partner with our client to create a major international motion picture release that would creatively integrate with the development of the park. Consider early Disneyland: a lot of that park was based on already-released motion pictures that people already had an affinity for, and of which there was a high level of awareness. It’s not unlike Universal doing an attraction based on Men in Black or Harry Potter. In this case, we’re working with a classic series of stories that have been around for hundreds of years, and - in what I believe is a first - bringing in a Western movie studio to create a world class release with an instant tie-in to that intellectual property and to this new theme park.

JR: So, with that business model, you stand to bring Chinese culture to the West and to the world at large in a way hasn’t happened before.


JR: Monkey Kingdom is part of the plan for a very large and ambitious mixed-used complex with more than one conference center, more than one exhibition hall and several hotels. What is the timeline for all these other components?

CH: Phase One includes the theme park and some other components of the entertainment district, plus a hotel.

JR: Are the Chinese making the most of what US theme park industry veterans have to offer? Is this project an example of a good balance in that regard?

CH: I think the Monkey Kingdom theme park is a great example of the collaboration between East and West, bringing together our knowledge and expertise in design, technology and implementation with their culture, their construction knowhow and their real estate expertise. In my opinion this is the only way you can create a world-class theme park project in China.

JR: Based on your experience working in this market, what should Chinese project developers and operators keep in mind as they create these attractions and complexes?

CH: Many developers in China are only considering the very first piece of the puzzle which is land use plus a concept. But - if you are planning on seeing it all the way through - you have to look to implementation: how to get it done with a quality result that fulfills the intent, and to operations. To that end, Management Resources is a key partner with us on this project and they are bringing their world-class expertise in park operations to the task. Thinkwell has worked hand in hand with Management Resources many times and we value their level of input on the planning and implementation side of things - to make sure what we designed actually can function.

A lot of pieces have to fall into place in the making of a theme park. This client has resources and a solid track record in real estate in China. They have the land and they’ve brought in the appropriate expertise (and I’m not just referring to Thinkwell) to get the job done, along with an amazing intellectual property. I think all those things point to a great level of success. With an amazing vision, the right business expertise a solid company, Chairman Wang has what it takes to pull all this off.

Bei den Attraktione wo Thinkwell bisher mitgearbeitet hatte wurde top Qualität abgeliefert, da man von einem ihrer besten Projekte spricht lässt sich also einiges Erwaertyummy:-)


Mario M.

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Das Projekt wird definitiv immer interessanter, denn den Artworks zu urteilen die ihr hier gleich sehen werdet, erwartet uns in China so einiges:eek:

Ich habe die Bilder mal mit Untertitel reinkopiert, dann weis man gleich was es wird:)

Central icon

(Thinkwell) Concept art of a jutting mountain crowned by an illuminated tree that serves as the central icon of the Monkey Kingdom theme park opening in 2014 outside Beijing.
Entry Village

(Thinkwell) Concept art of the Entry Village planned for the Monkey Kingdom theme park.

Sea Village

(Thinkwell) Concept art of the water-centric Sea Village influenced by Mediterranean and Persian shipping ports at the Monkey Kingdom theme park.


Sky Village

(Thinkwell) Concept art of the peaceful and pastoral Sky Village featuring Tibetan architecture.

Boat ride

(Thinkwell) Concept art of a boat ride featuring miniature replicas from the "Journey to the West" folk tale at the Monkey Kingdom park.

4-D movie

(Thinkwell) Concept art for a special effects 4-D movie at the Monkey Kingdom theme park.


Battles of the Monkey King

(Thinkwell) Concept art of the Battles of the Monkey King motion simulator dark ride planned for the Land Village in the Monkey Kingdom theme park opening in 2014 outside Beijing, China.


(Thinkwell) Concept art of a parade featuring stiltwalkers and trampolinists.

Park overview

(Thinkwell) An overview of the Monkey Kingdom theme park.

Entry Village

(Thinkwell) Concept art of the 16th century China-themed Entry Village at the Monkey Kingdom theme park.
Sea Village

(Thinkwell) An overview of the Mediterranean and Persian port-influenced Sea Village.

Sky Village

(Thinkwell) An overview of the Jade Palace-inspired Sky Village at the Monkey Kingdom theme park.

Flower Fruit Mountain

(Thinkwell) Concept art of the garden-landscaped Flower Fruit Mountain village.

Land Village

(Thinkwell) Concept art of the battle-scarred terrain of the Land Village.

Launch coaster

(Thinkwell) Concept art of a launch coaster with seats that straddle the track envisioned for the Monkey Kingdom theme park.

Die Bahn sieht verdächtig nach Intamin Wing Rider aus:)


(Thinkwell) Concept art of the planned hotel complex adjacent to the Monkey Kingdom theme park opening in 2014 outside Beijing, China.

Dazu noch dieser Presseartikel:
Monkey Kingdom theme park set to open in China in 2014
The Monkey Kingdom theme park, expected to open in 2014 outside Beijing, is based on an ancient folk tale as common to China's residents as Santa Claus is to Americans.

Based on the 16th century "Journey to the West" folk tale, the project presented a daunting task for Thinkwell, the Burbank-based company charged with designing the theme park, said Chief Executive Joe Zenas.
"There's nothing like it in Western literature," Zenas said.

Thinkwell creative director Dave Cobb immediately seized on the seemingly endless storytelling possibilities that could be told through the universal languages of spectacle, thrill and emotion.

"We didn't know the stories very well," Cobb said. "So the whole team started reading up on them."

"Journey to the West" tells the story of the Monkey King, a simian hero with supernatural powers known as Sun Wukong. Joined by a monk, a pig and a white horse, Monkey travels to India in search of Buddha's scrolls and spiritual enlightenment. A Hollywood movie based on the epic journey combining comedy, romance and action is in development.

China's Zhonghong development group turned to Thinkwell in part because of the company's past work on Disney, Universal and Paramount theme parks around the world. Among Thinkwell's recent projects: the Ice Age dark ride at Movie Park Germany, the Furius Baco launch coaster at Spain's PortAdventura and the "Universal 360" nighttime spectacular at Universal Studios Florida.

Thinkwell found a willing and well-versed partner in Wang Yonghong, chairman of the Zhonghong group, who proved himself a hard-core theme park aficionado who name-dropped attractions from around the world during the creative "Blue Sky" phase of the $1.5 billion project's development.

"It's very important for us to create a Chinese theme park for Chinese children and to bring this Chinese story to the world," Wang said in a Web video interview from Beijing.

Zhonghong's desire to be first compressed the new park's construction timeline in hopes that the park could debut before the $4.4 billion Shanghai Disneyland project opens in late 2015 or early 2016.

"The China market is very big," Wang said via a translator. "It is not necessary to compare or compete with any theme parks in Shanghai or any other places in China. Our goal is to create a world class theme park for Beijing, for China and for all the world."

In Disneyspeak, Monkey Kingdom's lands become villages, the park's cast members serve as villagers and guests act as adventurers.

The five villages – Entry, Sea, Sky, Flower Fruit Mountain and Land – will each feature a nature-based theme, a central emotion, a unifying architectural aesthetic, a distinct Monkey King plot line and at least one anchor attraction targeted at a specific age group.

Naturally, I've pored over the beautiful concept art with a jeweler's loupe, zooming in on each attraction on the park map in an attempt to decipher the make, model and manufacturer of every ride.

But as Cobb and Zenas explained in a phone interview, most of the park's rides remain subject to change, and the attractions illustrated in the highly detailed map serve only as inspirational placeholders. The park will be built in phases, based on budget constraints and attendance projections.

With those caveats, let's tour each village in Monkey Kingdom and take a look at what we see:

Entry Village
Inspired by a pastiche of ancient towns visited during Thinkwell research trips, the Entry Village evokes an architectural style of 16th century China filled with haphazardly stacked buildings and jam-packed courtyards.
Thematically, the bustling marketplace doubles as a port of departure, where storytellers converge and adventurers gather supplies before their journey.

Visitors will enter Monkey Kingdom under a train trestle traveled by a Himalayan-themed steam locomotive that encircles the park and stops in each village.

Entry Village entertainment is expected to include atmosphere talent, a puppet show and a parade with stiltwalkers and trampolinists.

At the top of the main street, a jutting mountain crowned by an illuminated tree serves as the park's central icon. Below Monkey's magical mountaintop home, Jade Lake bristles with watercraft. The lake will eventually function as an aquatic stage for a nighttime fireworks and fountains spectacular.

Sea Village
A shipping port with Mediterranean and Persian influences, the water-centric Sea Village features adventure-themed family attractions based around the Dragon King, one of the characters from the "Journey to the West" stories.

The first of the park's four coasters can be found in Sea Village, although the ride's layout remains in the conceptual stage.

The underwater theme extends to a walk-through attraction that takes visitors to the ocean floor without getting wet and a theatrical stage show featuring sea life puppetry.

The anchor attractions in Sea Village are the Trials of the Dragon King indoor water coaster, the Shipwreck Rapids river raft ride and an underwater simulator ride.

Sky Village
Inspired by the Jade Palace, which represents heaven in the Monkey King stories, the Sky Village has a peaceful and pastoral theme accented by Tibetan architecture.

In China, it's traditional for entire multi-generational families to visit theme parks together. Sky Village is designed as a tranquil and contemplative land with low-key attractions that grandparents can ride with their grandchildren.

Sky Village entertainment includes a theatrical stage show with gymnasts, acrobats, aerialists and jugglers, as well as a themed restaurant overlooking a boat ride.

The anchor attractions in Sky Village are the Flight of the Monkey King flight simulator; a meandering boat ride that tells the Monkey King's story with miniatures; and a tethered balloon ride that offers panoramic views of the park.

Flower Fruit Mountain
The verdant garden landscape of Flower Fruit Mountain serves as the centerpiece of the park and the Monkey King's home.

Geared toward children, the land is expected to include classic carnival attractions such as a wave swinger, a kiddie coaster, a junior drop tower and spinning flat rides.

A scenic ride called Glowing Lantern, suspended from the park's mountaintop tree icon, will mimic the experience of a traditional parachute ride.

The anchor attraction in Flower Fruit Mountain is a special effects 4-D movie telling the origin story of the Monkey King.

Land Village
A haven for thrill seekers, the arid, war-torn terrain of the Land Village offers a storytelling canvas for the Monkey King's battles with supernatural ghosts and demons.

Land Village entertainment includes a live stunt show with aerial performers and martial artists battling with knives, swords and spears.

Concept art shows a spinning swing ride, a Disk-O shuttle coaster, an indoor spinning mine coaster and a drop tower – which are all subject to change.

The anchor attractions in Land Village are a launch coaster with seats that straddle the track and a motion simulator dark ride called Battles of Monkey King.
Ich muss sagen, dass das ein sehr tolles durchdachtes Konzept ist:)


Mario M.

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Der ehemals für 2014 geplante Freizeitpark "Monkey Kingdom Theme Park" der in Huairou (China) entstehen sollte, wird nun mit dem leicht angepassten Namen "Monkey King Theme Park" in Jinan gebaut und soll dort 2019 eröffnen. Neben dem Fantawild Park & dem Euro Park, wäre dass dann schon der dritte Freizeitpark in Jinan!

Aktuelle Artworks:

Lage des Parks:

Aktuelles Satellitenbild von der Stelle:

Quelle / Link zu Google Maps
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Ein interessanter Artikel:
Jinan Yellow River wird der Weltklasse "Monkey King Themenpark"

Der übersetzte Artikel:
October 23, Jinan City Monkey King theme park has been the project, to be built to traditional Chinese culture and modern tourism combined theme park, plans to be completed in 2020.

Monkey King theme park project planning and construction land area of ​​366,273 square meters, divided into five main theme area, the main tour of the West culture and leisure. The total investment of the project is about 4.3 billion yuan, of which 73.5 million yuan for environmental protection funds, plans to be completed in June 2020, the project is expected to receive 4 million tourists during the operation.

It is reported that the Monkey King theme park will be the international Disney team to China's western culture as the background design to create, integration of Disney, Carnival elements, will be built after the "Journey to the West" as the theme of the world-class theme park. Five theme areas are Xixi small town, Huaguoshan, Longwangwan, Jiugong Temple and adventure Valley. Among them, Huaguo Shan is the theme of the park's central area, is also a landmark landscape area, construction area of ​​16,585 square meters. The main projects include: Huaguo Mountain, tree top training camp, monkey king fighting room, harvesting roller coaster, etc., which Huaguo Shan rockery height of 51 meters, the highest planning for the park building.

Mario M.

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Aus dem Projekt wurde zwar bisher nichts, bei ThemeparX wurden aber tolle Artworks aus der Konzeptphase geteilt :)

ThemeparX schrieb:
Famed Chinese film and television director Zhang Jizhong believed that instead of importing western brands like Disney and Universal, China should be creating its own IP which could be exported to the rest of the world. In collaboration with private industry development partners, he selected Legacy Entertainment to develop the design of his vision for a Monkey Kingdom theme park. A team of top talent, including Christopher Smith, John Horny, and Greg Pro created these incredible images of the park and some of its signature attractions.